Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Lordi, when did I last think about writing a post? Work's been crazy, what with a transition that HQ didn't properly plan for; being sick for over a week where I couldn't even think straight (walked into a bunch of hanging shirts that had just been ironed because I didn't see them); taking my mom to the hospital for surgery because she knew I'd be the least likely to freak out while waiting (lucky for me I had my notebook and finished off the ending to a story. Yay! Now I just have to put it in the computer and edit it); and lastly, one of the grad schools I've applied for hasn't received my transcript and wants me to re-send it. Um, what? Those things are really expensive and if I don't have to pay for it, I really don't want to, especially since they basically handed me an e-mail address they want it sent to, but there's no little field in the transcript form that asks for an alternate e-mail in case the one they have on file doesn't work. *heads desk*

So, how's everyone? Me, I'm rather excited and nervous and OMG when will I know! about my story for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries story. I have no clue yet when it will be coming out, and I'm biting my nails nervously because it's a rather open-ended, kind of not really happy ending and I'm really nervous about what people will think. (I usually take the approach of 'Not everyone's going to like everything, so it's better to take what they say, find the good in it, and move on', but this one just has me nervous 'cause it's not my usual thing.) Oh, and did I mention that I'll have another story coming out with SMP sometime next year? It's for their Snatched call and I'm kind of excited 'cause I'm working through the sequel to it, though it's slow going at the moment, since I'm focusing on my sequel to Chocolate Power and a super secret call that has me kind of giddy because it's a pairing I'd been toying with, but never found the right environment for, and now I have.

Otherwise I'm just busy, though I have been taking some time between working at my PT job, editing for different publishers, and writing to play a bit of Skyrim. *Sigh* I always forget how much I love playing that game until I sit down and play, though my number one complaint shall always be that it's too dark which makes it difficult to see what you're doing. And I shall always and forever play an Argonian. ^_^

Hope everyone else is doing well,

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