Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Lordi, when did I last think about writing a post? Work's been crazy, what with a transition that HQ didn't properly plan for; being sick for over a week where I couldn't even think straight (walked into a bunch of hanging shirts that had just been ironed because I didn't see them); taking my mom to the hospital for surgery because she knew I'd be the least likely to freak out while waiting (lucky for me I had my notebook and finished off the ending to a story. Yay! Now I just have to put it in the computer and edit it); and lastly, one of the grad schools I've applied for hasn't received my transcript and wants me to re-send it. Um, what? Those things are really expensive and if I don't have to pay for it, I really don't want to, especially since they basically handed me an e-mail address they want it sent to, but there's no little field in the transcript form that asks for an alternate e-mail in case the one they have on file doesn't work. *heads desk*

So, how's everyone? Me, I'm rather excited and nervous and OMG when will I know! about my story for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries story. I have no clue yet when it will be coming out, and I'm biting my nails nervously because it's a rather open-ended, kind of not really happy ending and I'm really nervous about what people will think. (I usually take the approach of 'Not everyone's going to like everything, so it's better to take what they say, find the good in it, and move on', but this one just has me nervous 'cause it's not my usual thing.) Oh, and did I mention that I'll have another story coming out with SMP sometime next year? It's for their Snatched call and I'm kind of excited 'cause I'm working through the sequel to it, though it's slow going at the moment, since I'm focusing on my sequel to Chocolate Power and a super secret call that has me kind of giddy because it's a pairing I'd been toying with, but never found the right environment for, and now I have.

Otherwise I'm just busy, though I have been taking some time between working at my PT job, editing for different publishers, and writing to play a bit of Skyrim. *Sigh* I always forget how much I love playing that game until I sit down and play, though my number one complaint shall always be that it's too dark which makes it difficult to see what you're doing. And I shall always and forever play an Argonian. ^_^

Hope everyone else is doing well,

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Two of my opinions

So I wanted to try my hand at writing reviews for others' works. I'm not claiming to be a professional, but I figure since I'm reading them I might as well let others know what I thought of them. Today I have two.

Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

I picked this book up when it was discounted and it took me a while before I actually got around to reading it, but oh my gosh! I had to grab the tissue box when I got to Chapter 17. I loved Denver and Adam, two men broken in their own way and feeling they don't deserve love, but they do. They do so much it makes you want to reach into the pages and give them big hugs. The portrayal of Adam's OCD was very authentic and somewhat heartbreaking to witness. The side characters were also amazing and wonderful compliments to the MCs. I highly recommend this story. (My muse gives it a 5/5 rating)


Frat Boy and Toppy by Anne Tenino

I was looking for something fun and quick, and this one seemed just right. The title did have me scratching my head wondering if I'd really like it, but after looking at other reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. It was funny at just the right parts, cute where you wouldn't think to find it, and heart-wrenching at just the right moment. The only part I didn't like, and this is all me because I hated when my buddies in college did it, was when they agreed to move in together when they barely knew each other. But I really liked the story and recommend it to anyone who's looking for something funny with a lot of sex. And if you read Frat Boy and Toppy then I recommend you read the free epilogue on Anne's web site. Do not read it if you are drinking something.

I hope you'll check these two out and, if you read them, let me know what you think.


Less Than Three Press Challenge #15

Over on Goodreads, Less Than Three Press has challenges that they post with awesome prizes. The prompt can be found here and here's my response to it. I hope you all like it.

Dashing Through the Woods

Jacoby scowled as he came to from the drugs. His body ached and the dawn sunlight sent shards of pain into his eyes before he could even lift the lids. He'd heard that waking up was horrible, but it wouldn't compare to how he'd feel if he didn't begin moving. If he was waking up, then others were too. Stumbling to his feet, Jacoby scanned his surroundings, fighting through the tears that clouded his vision as his eyes adjusted to the light. There were a lot of trees a few feet in front of him. He could try and walk the parameter, hope that no one spotted him while he searched for a way around, or he could head into the thick of it, hope the shadows protected him, and try and find his way.

He scrubbed a hand over his face. His instincts were screaming to find cover, which he knew everyone else would be doing. Grinding his teeth together, Jacoby headed for the trees, quickly scaling one then jumping to another. He kept going until he found one tree with a lot of leaf coverage. Settling into a little spot, Jacoby looked around as he felt his pockets, taking inventory of everything he'd been left with.

They'd been told they could stock up on whatever they thought might be useful, but it didn't mean they'd wake up with everything they'd packed. That reminder sent a jolt of fear through him and he reached up, sagging in relief as he felt the necklace, warm from his heat, still in place. He fingered the swirling design, wondering where Hansen would be in this game of a test. It would have been nice if they were near each other.

A shift in the shadows had Jacoby stilling, mind focusing. He hunched in on himself, instinct driving him to be as small as possible while he waited to see what danger might be present. He tried to listen for any sound as he watched someone slink through the shadows, looking around fervently every few steps. Jacoby debated with himself to pull out his blow dart gun, but decided not to. Killing had always made him a bit queasy. There was only one reason he'd joined the training school, and that was to follow Hansen.

Jacoby was leaning towards throwing something to warn the person that they were being stupid when another shadow moved quickly, a flash of steel in the light filtering between branches, and Jacoby turned his head away as the idiot who hadn't paid proper attention in their class went down with a faint gurgle. Jacoby stayed in his perch as the other shadow moved away, easily blending in with the surroundings.

He waited, poised to bolt if there was even the faintest indication that someone had spotted him. By the time the sun was almost halfway across the sky, Jacoby decided he'd have to move. Eyeing the trees around him, he picked one with sturdy branches and went across, moving slowly and carefully, doing his best to stay hidden at all times.

He didn't stop at a stream even though hunger and thirst were becoming annoying, constant companions. He searched the woodland floor every so often while he kept a watch out for others. When he finally found a patch of edible plants, he nearly fell out of his tree in gratitude, but he checked himself. It was too easy. Taking a twig he'd collected earlier, Jacoby chucked it into another tree, and froze as an arrow shot into the tree he'd thrown towards.

Oh, he'd have to be very careful. There were only a few people in their class who could use a bow, and Hansen wasn't one of them. Swallowing against a swell of panic, Jacoby retreated back the way he came, making sure to be extra careful as he traveled the treetops. It wasn't until the sun was beginning to set that Jacoby found a secure patch of edible plants that had a special sap used in the field to quench thirst.

Picking as many as he could, Jacoby climbed back into the trees and moved away. No need to risk being attacked by staying near a food source. He ate a little as he moved, wishing night would descend faster so he could find some of their teacher's clues. He just wasn't good enough to picked out the daylight clues their teacher would have left. As much fun as moving in a random direction was, Jacoby really wanted to get out of the area and away from some of his more bloodthirsty classmates. And he'd love nothing more than to see Hansen again.

Moving through the trees, Jacoby had to witness two more of his classmates being killed, while one of the attackers had been wounded, limping away from the dead body. Jacoby didn't linger in those areas. Slipping away quickly, he looked for a place he might be able to rest while waiting for nightfall, but nothing seemed suitable. There had been a cave, but for those how usually traveled on the ground, it would be a place they'd claim.

When night finally fell, Jacoby was ragged. His muscles screamed and ached from overexertion, but he couldn't stop. Now that the moon was rising, the clues left by the teacher would be clear. He continued moving, scanning for the telltale glow of moonsigns. There! Jacoby nearly whooped as he saw one. Steadying himself, Jacoby slunk through the trees, getting as close as he dared.

He memorized the symbols, pondering them as he moved away, dredging up lessons from years ago to find the answer written into the bark of a tree. If only Hansen was nearby, he always knew exactly what their teacher wrote in code.

Finding a group of close-together bushes, Jacoby climbed from the trees and hunkered down for the night, the symbols swirling through his head as he drifted to sleep.


Jacoby woke with a pounding heart as he listened to a scuffle not that far from his sleeping spot. Shifting only his head, Jacoby tried to peek through the leaves, looking for who might be fighting and whether he'd have a chance to escape without drawing attention. They were people he vaguely recognized, and had thought were friends, but there was no way to know who was winning, not at the angle he was at. Swallowing against the bile clogging the back of his throat, Jacoby ducked his head and closed his eyes, focusing on keeping his breathing as quiet as possible and not expelling his bladder all over his pants.

There was a sickening squelch. Jacoby looked without meaning to. He bit his lip, tasting blood as he stared at the victor, standing over the fallen body with blood staining her hands, a gleeful smile stretching her lips. Shit. Jacoby trembled, wishing Hansen was there to hold him as he choked on vomit.

Luckily he managed to hold it in until the girl had walked away, cradling her injured arm. He tried to be quiet, but he knew he hadn't managed. Scrambling from his spot, Jacoby raced around the trees, scrambling up a tree as he heard heavy footfalls behind him. If he couldn't hide then he'd be dead. Cursing his luck, Jacoby leapt for another tree, not paying attention to anything but getting away. One of the branches he landed on snapped beneath his feet and he had to reach out, jagged bark cutting into his hands as he hauled himself up and continued to move, trying to be careful, until he finally collapsed in a tree, breathes heaving in and out of his chest.

A sharp trill had Jacoby stilling, memory stirring. Cursing himself for his stupidity at not remembering, Jacoby willed his heart to calm, going more carefully as his hands throbbed in time with his heartbeat, heading in the direction the trill had come from. After a few minutes of careful movement, Jacoby saw it. A wide, open field with several of his classmates being tended to by medical staff, his teacher standing tall, staring into the trees.

Glancing about, Jacoby took a deep breath and vaulted from the tree branch, rolling as he hit the ground and running before he'd gained his footing. As he darted that last, dangerous distance between danger and safety, Jacoby saw him, Hansen. His body screamed in relief as he slammed into his lover, finally feeling safe.

"Welcome home," Hansen whispered in his ear as he held him tight.

"Good job finding the way," their teacher laughed, slapping Jacoby on the back.

Jacoby didn't care, he just clung harder to Hansen.