Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Um...hello. I'm back

Hello everyone! So, yay, I'm back on my blog. I've spent the past year collecting myself—kind of like a long, drawn-out quest—and I'm taking steps to alter my work environment so I can write more. I hope to write more adult fiction as well as young adult through this coming year. As well as keeping active in promoting my books. That's part of what I did this past year is figure out how to promote myself. I'm a rather reclusive, introverted person who shies away from most social interactions (though people tell me I'm not all that bad at them), but it's the psychological effects that stall my tongue and have me second guessing myself. But you don't want to hear about that. Instead, if you're wondering what I've been doing in 2014, there was a lot going on. On my editing side, one of the authors I had worked with on several stories passed suddenly and it was a bit scary to learn about since we were close in age and had, I like to think, a great bond. Then, not even a few months later, the place I work at tells me I might not have insurance. I applied for it through my company, had it for a month, then, after everyone else had closed their doors, they dropped me because I "didn't have enough average hours". I was a bit terrified of that too. Tried for a few months to sign up with one of the options about having lost insurance, but it didn't work. That's life though. I signed up as soon as early enrollment was available and have insurance. Yay! Aside from that we had to put down one of our companions, our eighteen year old cat who was also our first cat. It was heartbreaking and I still miss her. As for what I hope for in 2015, I have a YA written and partially edited that I hope to have fully edited by the middle of February so I can begin submitting it places. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be accepted somewhere, whether with an agent or publisher is fine. I also have a story, two parts, that is in the editing stages and I hope to have submitted somewhere by March. That one's an adult (M/M). I'm also working on a sequel, or two, for other stories. If you're hoping one of those sequels is for my free Goodreads story Bound by a Red Thread then we're in the same boat. My characters might finally have an idea of where they want to go after I've done research on several topics. I want to redeem my bad boy, but it will be a journey, for both of them. That's all for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic start to this new year. -Ann Anderson

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